Get rid of the guilt! Rest assured that your pets will have amazing care when you can't be there!

Why hire a pet professional?

Hiring a pet professional has many benefits for you and your pets! Most of us lead extremely busy lives, and knowing there is someone who you can call on when work or family is pulling you in every direction is essential to the functioning of your family or work life, as well as the happiness of you and your pets. Here are just some of the awesome benefits you and your pet have when you hire a Dog's Best Friend pet sitter:

Benefits for You:

  • Freedom for you to work late, go out of town, or meet

friends after work

  • Relieves you from guilt when catering to life's demands - your pets will be busy too!
  • You will arrive home to a happier, calmer pet who will need

less from you

  • Having a visit from a pet professional while you're out will ensure that you can spend time with your pets doing what you'd like to be doing instead of what you have to do.
  • Peace of mind knowing your pet is safe in the hands of an experienced, insured and bonded pet professional will help you feel at ease while you're tending to other important areas of life.

Benefits for your pets:

  • Minimizes separation anxiety
  • Mental and physical stimulation
  • Opportunities to explore the great dog friendly areas that Santa Barbara has to offer your dog
  • Socialization with another person outside of your family. This relationship between pets and the pet sitter is extremely important when you need to travel, and having this relationship established well in advance minimizes separation anxiety.
  • Exercise
  • Clean environment - we will tidy up messes that your puppy has made while you are at work, or clean your kitty's litter box while you're out of town.
  • Bathroom breaks- just because Fido can go hours without potty breaks doesn't mean he should have to! This often translates to a cleaner

house when you get home!

  • Relief from boredom - all pets are happiest with interaction throughout the day