What Is Covered During The Meet And Greet?

During the meet and greet, you will give your pet sitter a tour of the areas of your home that your pets have access to, and we will cover your pet's routine, as well as the location of pet and cleaning supplies. We will go over all of your expectations of your pet sitter, and create a personalized care plan. The Meet and Greet is very important for us to become familiar with one another, and also for your pets to become comfortable with us caring for them. Many dog owners like to use this time to show us around the neighborhood, which can be valuable for us to see how you handle your dog, as well as which areas your dog likes to sniff around in!

How does payment work?

It's so simple! Dog's Best Friend recently made the switch to accepting only credit card payments, and so far we've found it to be extremely easy and convenient for everyone. When choosing our online software, your security was our number one concern. We use a system that keeps your personal information and credit card details 100% secure. When creating your account, you will enter your credit card information into our system before your first appointment, and we never even see your card information. Once your appointments are approved, you will receive a copy of the schedule with our rates for each scheduled service. Then, we invoice/charge once weekly, and you will receive an email receipt of payment.

What Is Your Key Policy?

We require two keys on file, and having a spare hide-a-key is also recommended. This policy takes into consideration all of the 'what-ifs'. What if your flight is delayed? What if you run into car trouble? What if a pet sitter is unfamiliar with the automatic locking doors in your home and steps out only to find herself outside with your pets inside? What if you have arranged for Grandma to watch Fido and Fifi, but she has a last minute delay? There are SO many 'what-ifs', but our key policy has them all covered. Your primary pet sitter holds onto your key until we get word that you have arrived home, at which point she returns it to our office. If one of these 'what-if' situations comes up, your pets won't be stuck inside or left alone. When you schedule your next pet sit, we will be ready to accommodate you, whether last minute, or weeks in advance.

Will You Update Me On My Pets After You Visit?

Yes, of course! We are pet owners too, so we completely understand the need to know that everything is well at home in order to enjoy our time away. Each day, we will send you an email or text message with details of what your pets have been up to, and any other notes we have for you. For those who schedule daily private walks or dog socials, we will make sure to update you via text or email upon request.

Do I Need To Contact You When I Get Home From A Trip?

Yes, absolutely. If we don't hear from you when you return home, we will be left wondering if your pets are being cared for. It's so common for flights to be delayed, or for car trouble to pop up. Sometimes these things can even coincide with your cell phones being out of the service area, or while you have a dead battery. Your pets are our top priority, so we will absolutely come by to check on them if we don't receive a text, phone call, or email from you upon your return.

What Is Your Rainy Day Policy?

Aside from dog walks, all visits are the same during rainy days. Some dogs love rain, just as some dogs can't stand it! During the meet and greet, I will find out your dog's preference and plan accordingly when a rainy day is upon us. If your dog hates the rain, but needs a potty break, we will spend time playing indoors after he goes to the bathroom. If your dog feels calm and happy in the rain, we will treat the visit like any other. Of course, we plan ahead and have plenty of towels and clean water with us to make sure you don't come home to paw prints all over your floor! *Dog Socials may be cancelled depending on the amount of rain, but don't worry! We will still come by to make sure Fido gets a bathroom break and some TLC.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

For those who need to cancel 1-2 days of pet sitting, we ask that you give us at least 24-48 hours notice of cancellation. If you will be cancelling 3+ days of pet sitting, we require 7 days notice. We will charge 1/2 of the cost of the entire visit if the cancellation policy is not met. That being said, if an emergency comes up we will accommodate your change of plans to the best of our ability.

Where Will You Be Walking My Dog?

If your dog needs an individual walk, we will do our best to stick to his normal routine by finding a nice walk around your neighborhood, or a nearby trail. If you'd like your dog to be part of a Dog Social, we will go to a local dog friendly park, beach, or trail. Either way, your dog will have a blast and and will most likely plop down for a nap after arriving home.

What Time Will You Visit?

It depends on what your needs are. Together we will come up with a schedule that fits your pets needs. We generally do Dog Socials during mid-day, and private walks and pet visits in the morning and afternoon hours. If you need an evening visit, just let us know what time you need us to be there! For overnights, your pets will have company from dinner-time through breakfast the next morning.

Do I Need To Provide Waste Bags?

If you have a cat litter genie or kitty litter tray liners, yes. We generally stay well stocked with dog waste bags, but if you have some on hand, it doesn't hurt to show us where they are!

Do You Water Plants And Bring In Mail?

Yes. During the consultation, you and your primary pet sitter will create a care plan, and this can include items such as bringing in mail, news papers, water plants, etc. However, we do not specialize in plant care, so it is wise to schedule your gardener to come by if you need more than light plant care in your yard.

What If My Dog Is Fearful Or Aggressive?

Some of our pet sitters have experience walking dogs with behavior issues, though we can only take them out on individual walks. Depending on the nature of the problem behaviors your dog has, we may recommend that a trainer works with us on a plan for our visits. We care for all animals, and many of the pets in our care happen to be adopted from rescue groups. We totally understand the need for knowledgeable, capable and experienced pet sitters to care for these pets, and we will not turn you away without doing our best to find the right solution for you and your pets.