Are your pets bummed that they won't be traveling with you? Schedule their Best Friends to visit them throughout their days, and you'll arrive home to happy campers!

We have options

Making plans to relax by the pool on vacation, focus on that important conference, be there for a special family event? When your attention is called away from home, we will be there to give ours to your pets and home. Schedule pet sitting throughout your pets' day and receive updates and pictures from us, allowing you to put your mind at ease, knowing your fur-kids are receiving the BEST care. Our pet sitting services are designed to give you peace of mind, so you can be present for anything that calls you away.

Your Overnight Choices:

Overnight Visits

Your pets are used to their routine. We get it! Your absence will be enough change for them, so we are here to fill in! We will take care of your pets' PM and AM routines and keep them company so that your absence is as easy as possible on them. This service is offered short and long term, and is in high demand so contact us as soon as you have a need for an overnight pet sitter! 

This service pairs well with day visits.

Extended Visits

When overnight visits aren't an option, you aren't out of luck! We offer extended visits for those who want their pets to have extra cuddles and quality time. Have us come over for two hours at night from 8pm-10pm, and once again in the morning around 7am. This popular solution gives you comfort knowing that you will receive updates morning and night.

Popularly paired with a daytime visit or two to keep all needs met, day and night.

3-4 Visits

Possibly our most frequently asked for service is just our most basic! We do not charge by time, so our basic visit is more often enough to fit any pet's needs. Schedule us to be there for feeding, fun, and snuggles throughout your pets' day. You will receive updates from us during each visit, allowing you to focus on whatever has called you away.


Overnight Availability

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Check the calendar above to see if our pet sitters are available for overnights.

In our hands, and your home, your fur-babies will feel loved and comfortable until your return.

Going away for a few weeks?

Our overnight alternatives are great if you will be traveling for a few days. However, if you are planning a longer trip, you probably do want to schedule a pet sitter for overnights. Since we can only schedule overnights based on availability, many clients choose to schedule overnights when available, and an alternative on days we are not available. Choosing this method of scheduling has the added benefit of keeping cost down.
For example:
Monday - Wednesday: Book us Overnight to have a sleepover with your pets! We will give them our full attention all night.
Thursday - Tuesday: Book Extended Visits or 3-4 visits throughout the day to keep your pets happy and feeling loved.

Need More Options?

If our overnight availability and alternatives do not fit your needs, we can refer you to someone we trust. Let us know, and we will refer you to other Santa Barbara pet sitters who have agreed to follow our best business practices.
Ask for a referral