Pet Strollers – Could your pet need one?

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Let's face it. Over the past few years, pet owners have begun going to great lengths to incorporate their pets into everyday life. And why not? If we can make it safe and acceptable for our pets, the benefits of including pets in our daily routines can be SO great for them! We are talking about benefits in socialization, stimulation, and human-pet bonding.

Off the top of my head, I can think of four great examples of pets who can benefit greatly fro mthe use of a pet stroller:

  • Young puppies
  • Oder dogs
  • Injured pets
  • Indoor cats

All of these animals can benefit from safe, daily exposure to sights, sounds and scents that can only be found outdoors.

Young Puppies

Young puppies can benefit SO MUCH from a stroller. In fact, a stroller was my saving grace in finding a balance between the great need for socializing my fearful pup and keeping her safe before she finished all of her puppy vaccinations. Kayia loved experiencing the outdoors from the safety and comfort of her stroller. Much like her crate at home, a pet stroller provided her with a feeling of safety when she felt intimidated by her surroundings.

Puppies are able to watch and learn that large groups of cyclists passing by, motorcycles buzzing down the road,  and the sounds and smells of people dining at a nearby cafe are all exciting in different ways. Puppies in strollers will also attract attention from passerby who will want to know why your puppy is in a stroller. Attention from strangers can be overwhelming to young puppies, but having a stroller will give you the ability to choose how much interaction you want your puppy to have with those around you. There is always the option of unzipping the stroller and allowing friendly pets, or just allowing your puppy to watch safely as you interact with strangers. 

A stroller will also do it's job in protecting your puppy from contracting an illness that can be picked up from nose-to-nose contact from other dogs, a friendly pet from another dog owner, or sniffing around areas of the side walk or grass. 


Two Great Dane puppies enjoy a stroller ride


Check out my blog about Vaccinations and your puppy to learn more about risks from exposing your pets before they are ready

Emma, 15, and Kieko, 14, pictured in Elings park. We got the chance to snap this photo right before the pups hopped out to do some sniffing in the grass. Their dad pointed out that he likes to use a normal stroller instead of a pet stroller! Emma and Kieko love riding in their stroller so much that they never jump down until it's time to do some investigating.
This is TT, a 14.5 year old pug who LOVES riding in her stroller during walks with her mom. I saw TT enjoying a stroll and just had to take a photo for the blog! TT's mom pointed out that her trick is that anything she is carrying can fit in the bottom compartment of the stroller, so any shopping bags can be stored and accessed easily!

Indoor Cats

If you are like me, the idea of taking your cat out for a walk in your neighborhood probably sounds really funny at first. But if you have an indoor cat and feel bad that she doesn't have the chance to explore the outdoors, this is a great compromise! Do you go on a daily walk around your neighborhood? You may be surprised at how much your cats want to explore your area with you. I was first introduced to the idea of using a pet stroller for cats when one of my friends in college used one to take her cats out with her while jogging. The cats loved the experience and even became friendly and social in public! My friend even took her cats with her to book stores and on errands. It was quite a sight, and they attracted a lot of attention, but it was clear how much owner and kitties enjoyed the outings.

4605474048_1a3b439c34_zKitty enjoys a stroll through the park

Injured and Older Dogs

When my boyfriend's Scottish Terrier became a senior citizen, I was determined to include her in our walks. He wasn't so sure about the stroller, but that was OK because I was! We started by putting treats near and on the stroller, and allowed her to get used to it being in our home before we actually loaded her up into it. When we did put her in the stroller, it was clear she appreciated the views and smells of life while not having to 'hoof-it' around our usual walking routes. She really enjoyed the ride and even though he didn't want to stroll her around himself, my boyfriend was pleased with our new ability to again give her the experiences she loved.

Being a pet sitter, I have also used a stroller for a couple of rescued dogs who were injured and fearful of people. These dogs really benefitted from the same social and environmental stimulations that benefit young puppies!

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  1. Sami Simpson
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    My mom would absolutely LOVE this. She spoils our little coco like he is her baby son!!

  2. Tami
    | Reply

    This is a wonderful idea for older pets. They still need their exercise but they just don’t travel as far or fast as they did as young pets.

  3. Diane
    | Reply

    As a pet enthusiast, I truly enjoyed your article! Strollers are a great way for very young, very old, or disabled pets to remain a part of our activities–thanks for sharing!

  4. Jenny
    | Reply

    Thanks for you insight into strollers! I think those two great danes are adorable in that stroller!

  5. lauryn hock
    | Reply

    hahahaha OH my gosh. I am loving these pictures and the video. SO cute. I had no idea these existed. Thanks for the info.

  6. Ilona
    | Reply

    This is cool, I do not have a dog but maybe once I can get a pup, will think about getting a stroller.

  7. Brenda
    | Reply

    Great article! When i think of pet strollers I usually don’t think of it being used for the disabled, or old pet. This was eye opening to me. I can’t wait to have a pet again!

  8. diana
    | Reply

    I had no clue there are pet strollers. It’s actually a very nice idea especially for the disabled and old animals.

  9. aboanis
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    Thanks so much,the days when dog stroller meant a very basic stroller are gone. Nowadays, the market is full of strollers which not only look exceptionally decent, but also offer plenty of features to keep dogs, as well as owners, satisfied.

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