Laurette J.

“…Very professional and clearly loves pets.”


We were in Montecito for the summer and when I was in need for a dog sitter I found Dogsbestfriend on the internet. When Brittany came over I was pleasantly surprised that she came prepared with a lot of questions which made me feel reassured that my dog Ago was in good hands. She’s very professional and clearly loves pets. I loved the fact that on one of her walks she took a picture and sent it to me. When my boss was in need of a dog sitter I recommended Brittany without hesitation. Next summer Dogsbestfriend will be the one I’ll call when I need someone to take care of my dog.

Laurette J. - Montecito, CA

Cindy M.

“Extremely Reliable… Great Integrity”

Brittany is the dog whisperer of Santa Barbara. Molly, my rescue dog, has always been shy with new people, but the moment she met Brittany she was right by her side…Even with me right there in the room! I have recommended Brittany to friends and co-workers, and they also are completely pleased with her service. Brittany is extremely reliable, has great integrity, and is very, very easy to work with. She does not skimp on time like some other dog walkers I have hired, and Molly is always happy to see Brittany when she arrives, so I know that she loves going out to the beach with her.

Cindy M. - Santa Barbara, CA

Tye S.

“…Kind, professional, reliable, affordable, and communicative…”

I could not be more pleased. Britta was kind, professional, reliable, affordable, and communicative…exactly the sort of person who you can trust with your house keys and pet. She sent texts and pics nearly every day and went out of her way to make things right for our dog and us.

Tye S. - Santa Barbara, CA

Karen S.

“…We couldn’t have asked for a better pet sitting company…”

We recently moved to Montecito and had the pleasure of hearing about Dog’s Best Friend through a friend. My husband and I work long hours, so were looking for someone to be there for our pets when we can’t be. Britta is professional, honest, and takes her job seriously. We couldn’t have asked for a better pet sitting company to use. Our dogs and cat love her, and she sent us photos everyday. One day,

Britta sent a video of herself and our dogs playing. Both dogs became elated at the sound of Britta’s voice from the video and ran all around our home looking for her. It is a true testament to how special this service is.

Karen S. - Montecito

Kristin E.

“I Trust Her Implicitly…”

When I relocated to Santa Barbara from Boston for a job, I had to find someone to walk my beloved dog while I was at work. I had always worked from home so I was nervous about leaving her. Brittany is absolutely fantastic. She is so sweet and kind and takes incredible care of my pup. She goes above and beyond and I trust her implicitly. One day we bumped into her in town and my dog was so excited to see her (she tends to be a reserved dog) so clearly Brittany has done a wonderful job. I recommend Brittany highly! You will not find a more reliable, kind or trustworthy person to care for your furry friend!

Kristin E. - Santa Barbara, CA

Rick B.

“I Trust Her With My Animals And Home…”

Brittany did a great job. I know because my little guy was acting normally when I got home. I’ve had a neighbor look after my cat in the past. I’ve also taken my pet to boarding facilities. Each time, my cat came back with PTSD, and did not return to normal for a few days. My pet obviously received great care from Brittany because he was happy and normal when I returned. Brittany is a true animal lover. She personally helped me find a home for a stray kitten. I trust her with my animals and home and would recommend her to anyone.

Rick B. - Goleta, CA

“Although somewhat wary of strangers, Soda quickly warmed up to Brittany.”


Hiring Brittany and Dog’s Best Friend has been great for my dog Soda. Although somewhat wary of strangers, Soda quickly warmed up to Brittany. Some days I am working from home when Brittany comes to pick up Soda and take her out for her doggie social and as soon as she hears Brittany step on to the front porch, Soda runs enthusiastically to the door, knowing that she is about to head out for a good time with her buddies. When Brittany drops her off a couple of hours later, I can tell that Soda has expended a bit of energy and she’s immediately ready for a nap. One of my best experiences with Brittany came under very stressful circumstances for myself. I was about to take Soda out for a walk when I opened the front gate and watched helplessly as she sprinted into the street and got hit by a car. Within seconds, she was on her feet and sprinting away. I chased after her to no avail and in a panic, I was calling all of the friends I could think of to help me look for her and no one was picking up. Finally, I thought to call Brittany and she dropped what she was doing and immediately came to help me look for her. Brittany also had the wherewithal to call the Santa Barbara dispatch and local veterinary hospitals. It was a harrowing experience for me and having somebody there to help me and provide emotional support was invaluable. Fortunately, Soda made her way home after being gone all day and I’m happy to report that after a few days rest she was eagerly looking forward to getting back out with Brittany and her buddies for her doggie socials!

Anji B. - Santa Barbara, CA

Kunti C.

“I Knew I Had Found The Right Person…”

I had been looking for a dog walker, but could not find the right person. Then one day I met Brittany, quite by chance. My dog immediately approached her with a wagging tail and after just a few minutes talking to her, I knew we had found the right person. She started taking my dog out on regular walks and was always reliable, punctual, and professional. When I needed more help with my dog, Brittany went the extra mile to help me and arranged for a dog-sitter and an additional dog walker. I am very grateful to her for all the help and peace of mind she has afforded me. She is kind and compassionate and sensitive to the needs of both humans and animals. I highly recommend her services.

Kunti C. - Carpinteria, CA

David M.

“Her Way With Animals Is Exceptional…”

Brittany has been so consistent in providing excellent dog care for my Scottish Terrier, Kali. During times when Kali has needed any special care (vet visits, overnights), Brittany has always come through. Her way with animals is exceptional, and Kali always gets so excited when Brittany arrives to go on either a beach walk, trail hike, or even a visit to the vet. I don’t ever have to think twice when my schedule changes and I need to reach out to Brittany to provide amazing care for Kali. One of the best pet care decisions I have made.

David M. - Montecito, CA

She also happens to be one of those people that dogs love almost instantly…

Brittany is awesome and I have recommended her to other people who thought she was absolutely wonderful!!! She really listens to you to understand your needs and concerns for your pets and treats each pet she works with as if they are her own. Brittany is a true professional, has the knowledge and experience to deal with many temperaments of dogs, and is considerate about every detail that goes into watching your pet, such as brushing your pet after an outing, making sure they are clean, checking paws for foxtails, etc. She also happens to be one of those people that dogs love almost instantly – even dogs that aren’t very people oriented. If you are looking for a pet-sitter/dog walker/great dog person you can really trust with your beloved four-legged family members, look no further than Dog’s Best Friend.

Joy TC - Santa Barbara, CA