Ways to Save Money on Pet Care

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We love our pets, and we want only the best for them, but sometimes the best seems to be out of reach when it comes to finances. Between fulfilling a pet’s nutritional needs, vet care, medication, grooming, and other costs associated with caring for a furry companion, it can be quite expensive. So what money saving tips might help you save a bit of green while still treating Fluffy like she’s a queen? Here are just a few!


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Veterinary Costs

Sure, annual exams and vaccinations are a must, but when accidents and illness are thrown into the mix, veterinary costs can skyrocket. Consider a health insurance policy for your pet. Many pet parents steer clear because the assumption is that pet insurance is expensive but, in reality, it can be quite affordable, with the average policy starting at $32 per month for a dog and $22 per month for a cat. Of course, your pet’s breed, your location and other factors come into play when rates are determined, but it doesn’t hurt to check out what’s available. Visit Pet Insurance Review to find out what is available for your pet and to compare plans and prices from multiple providers. Another way to save on routine veterinary costs is to ask for in-house labs (done at the vet’s office, not shipped elsewhere), manufacturer rebates, coupons and free samples. After all, you don’t ask, you don’t get! Also, be on the lookout for annual health packages such as senior wellness or puppy health packages. Many veterinary clinics offer these types of packages but don’t always advertise them. As well, many clinics offer seasonal discounts based on pet awareness months. For example, February is Spay/Neuter Awareness Month, so many vets provide discounted spay and neuter services during that month.



It’s inevitable. At one point or another, practically every pet will require some type of medication. When that is the case, always ask for generics; they provide the same benefit as the name-brand medications, but at a fraction of the cost. And remember, you don’t always have to purchase prescription medication from your vet, where the mark-up can easily reach 100%! Use apps like GoodRX and LowestMed to compare prices at your local pharmacies (these apps are great for people, too!).


Pampered catGrooming

Some pet parents select short-haired pets specifically to avoid grooming needs. For those of us who have furballs running around in our home, we know regular grooming in our pet care routine is a must! To save on costs, rather than using a professional groomer, consider an at-home bath or a self-serve pet wash – many Petco locations now offer self-serve washes with all supplies included for only $10. For grooming supplies to use at home, check out websites like Chewy and PetEdge. You may even find you’re quite capable of providing your pet with haircuts and shaves yourself!






Your pet’s nutrition is one thing you definitely don’t want to skimp on. For quality food and treats, try Amazon. That’s right, the same Amazon you buy electronics and home décor from also sells pet products! And if you have an Amazon Prime subscription, your savings can be quite significant. You can also search the website of your pet food manufacturer for coupons, check sites like Coupons.com for printable coupons available for pet products, and check the websites and circulars from your pet supply store of choice for sales.


Overall Health and Well-Beingspa wash  dog

Keeping your pet in a safe environment (his home), ensuring he gets regular exercise, and providing him with ample love and attention all go a long way when it comes to his overall health and well-being. Not only is a healthy, active pet a happy pet, but he is also less likely to incur high dollar vet bills for ailments and injuries. Dog’s Best Friend can help by providing much needed exercise and care in the form of regular walks/playtime and pet sitting services. Planning a trip? Let us care for your pet in the comfort of his own home, keeping him safe from potential illness or injury that could result from a stay in a kennel. Worried your precious Petunia is getting plump? Contact us about a daily walking schedule. Some people may consider professional pet sitting and dog walking services a luxury, but in the long run it saves you money by reducing the chance of illness and/or injury to your pet by keeping him safe at home, well cared for, regularly exercised, happy and healthy!


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