What to buy for your new puppy

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Every dog owner will tell you that a new puppy brightens up any home. Dogs are loyal, friendly and full of energy. They’ll bring new life to your house and help you relax every day of the week. Bringing your new puppy home can be scary, especially for first-time dog owners. Remember, a puppy is for life! Buying a dog is not something that should be taken on lightly. It’s a big decision and one you should think about carefully.

If you’ve done that and you know that a dog will bring joy and happiness, then you’re all set! Now all you need are the doggy essentials. We’ve brought many new dogs home, so we know exactly what you need to get started. In this post, we’ll outline all the essentials so you won’t miss a thing. Let’s take a look.

Food and water bowls - This should go without saying! But, in all the excitement of your new puppy, you can always forget something. Dogs need their own designated food and water bowls. An extra special touch could be to have the dog’s name written on the side.

Leash and collar - As a dog owner, you’ll be walking your new best friend at least twice a day. They’ll love to sprint across the parks and get out in the open. But, as a young puppy, it’s important to train them and teach them how to heel. They need to learn how to stay on a leash and keep disciplined. If you are buying a new leash, we suggest the harnesses that go around their shoulders. It will be less tight around your young puppy’s neck.

Dog food and treats - Every dog is different when it comes to food intake. Most vets recommend feeding your dog twice a day, with puppies up to three or four times. The amount will vary depending on the weight and size of your dog. You should offer a mix of wet and dry foods and have some treats on hand. Treats will help you discipline and teach your new puppy.

Dog wear - This serves two purposes. First of all, you might be interested in dog fashion. You want your dog to look great, after all! Secondly, it will help keep them warm in the winter and dry on those rainy walks.

Dog bed or shelter - Your puppy needs somewhere to sleep! When your dog first comes home, you’ll be tempted to let them fall asleep on your bed! Try to avoid this and let them understand where their bed is. Dogs need strict discipline and will become confused if they get mixed signals. Find a comfy dog bed or outside shelter if they are to live outside.

Brush and shampoo - For long-haired breeds, regular grooming is essential. This will help avoid moulting and keep the dog free of fleas. Brush them daily and shampoo regularly.

It’s natural to feel daunted or worried about bringing your first dog home. Stock up with the essentials and do your research. You’ll be a pro in no time!

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